The dues for Oak Highlands and Deer Valley residents is $183.75, payable to: OH/DVHA, Inc. P O Box 455 Antioch, TN 37011

Statements will be mailed out by March 15th. All dues are due by May 1 every year.

Accounts not paid will accrue interest and be turned over to collections.

Please pay by check, money order, or cashiers' check.

If you wish to pay online, please go to your online banking to pay the bill.
It's fast and easy!
Just add OHDVHA, Inc. as the Payee (or Biller).
Your account number is your street address (example: 123 Main Street).
Enter the amount. Schedule the payment date and you're done!

If you have any questions about " Association Dues", or other financial matters regarding home closings, please contact: Hawkins Management Or Call: (615) 838-2876